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John Stuckert, Director of Development and Fund Raising

My father passed away in 2000, and I began drinking heavily. Not only was the loss of my father enormous grief but now I was in charge of a large family business.

I tried to hide my addiction, but that only fueled it.  I couldn’t do anything anymore. I put a gun to my head to kill myself.

I realized I couldn’t do anything until I asked the Lord for His help and support

When my dad passed away in 2000. I found myself in charge of a large family business. As time progressed, the pressure was getting to me. I started drinking more and more from grief and the pressures of running the business.

I had everything most people dream about, a success business and a family.  I tithed to my church and helped on the hospitality team.  But everything got out of hand, I lost control.  The more I believed I could fix my personal and business problems, the deeper I fell into depression and the more I drank. 

The business suffered from my drinking and personal problems ensued. One feed of the other.  I was in and endless cycle with no exit

At one point, while I sat alone, I felt overwhelmed and out of touch. I felt truly helpless and I believed the personal and financial problems I now faced were beyond my control.

I put a gun to my head to end it all. I was saved by a phone call from someone I knew at church about some random chore I failed to complete.

I knew I needed something in my life, something to give me direction and completeness.

Eventually, I entered a Christian recovery home.  After several months there, I realized something that changed my life and changed my outlook.

Thinking back on things, I now understand that while I had all those things that dreams are made of, I didn’t have Christ in my life. Now I understand that until you start living for Him, you’re not really living.